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  • Socio-Economic Impact of Invasive Animals on Australia
  • Pest Animal Control Cooperative Research Centre
    Project Economist and Market Analyst
    Economic, environmental and social impact of key vertebrate pests in Australia quantified in ‘triple bottom line’ analysis. Spreadsheet model developed to estimate economic impact on livestock and cropping industries, biodiversity impacts quantified using ‘benefit transfer’ approach and social impact estimated for vehicle, commercial use value and public health impacts of identified species. 12 species included in analysis (feral pigs, kangaroo, carp, mouse, wild horses, fox, dogs, rabbits, camel, feral goats and feral cats). Report launched by the Australian Minister for Science at Federal Parliament House, Canberra – May 2004. Findings published in national print media -Canberra Times, Australian Financial Review, Courier Mail, West Australian, Rural Press, Sydney Morning Herald and presented on radio – ABC Radio.
  • Evaluation of Environmental Projects in Tropical Australia
  • Cooperative Research Centre for Sustainable Sugar Production
    Project Economist
    02/00 - 03/00

    Economic and financial feasibility of effluent usage in Australian agricultural production. Waste-water management infrastructure requirements and productivity impacts incorporated in spreadsheet model. Project feasibility (NPV, IRRs) of selected capital works programs assessed. Responsible for reviewing project outcomes, assisting with project management, report review and finalisation, and project direction in consultation with key stakeholders (with Agtrans Research)
  • Appraisal of Fisheries Industry Development Projects
  • Fisheries Research and Development Corporation
    Zimbabwe, Kenya
    Project Economist and Financial Analyst
    01/01 - 02/01

    Cost-benefit assessment of 38 fisheries industry development projects in Australian fin-fish (tuna, salmon, emerging fish species) aquaculture, shellfish, shrimp and ‘wild catch’ sectors. Selected projects analyzed in the research portfolio included:
    • Lobster post-harvest handling
    • Management of salmon aquaculture diseases
    • Manufacture of novel aquaculture feeds
    • Design and assessment of novel harvesting methods for emerging freshwater species
    • Novel production systems for key Australian oyster species
    • Improving growth and survival of cultured marine fish larvae
    • Selection methods for breeding higher performing captive finfish; and
    • Development of sponge farming for indigenous Australian communities

    Results used to allocate research and development funds. Team leader and responsible for overall management and implementation of the project, report review and program planning (with the BDA Group).
  • Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project
  • World Bank (with SMEC International)
    Project Economist
    10/01 - 08/02

    Establishment of R&D trust fund to facilitate sustainable fisheries management and wetland conservation within Lake Victoria, East Africa.
    Existing management of fisheries levy collection reviewed, and recommendations as to which existing mechanisms in collection, retention and disbursement be retained; along with investigation of additional possibilities for revenue collection. Justification for the establishment of a National Fisheries Levy Trust (NFLT) involved economic appraisal of potential R&D investments in enhanced fisheries capture/production technology, conservation and institutional strengthening projects.

  • Evaluation of Fisheries & Aquaculture Environmental Projects
  • Fisheries Research and Development Corporation
    Project Economist
    02/01 – 05/01

    Economic evaluation of 14 fisheries research and development projects that relate to marine environment enhancement. Projects including habitat restoration, improved effluent management and wetland conservation were analysed. Global databases searched and literature reviews conducted to gather reef, wetland and marine ecosystem economic values. Economic and environmental models developed to evaluate project impacts and document prepared . (with the BDA Group).

  • Business Plan Development for Commercialisation of Vaccines
  • Pest Animal Control Cooperative Research Centre
    Project Economist and Financial Analyst

    Product development plan developed to assist with the commercialisation of immuno-contraceptive vaccines to better manage fox, rodent, rabbit and other vertebrate pests. Cash flow model developed to cost proof-of-concept, regulatory approval and commercial trial phases of product development. Risk analysis undertaken & market potential estimated for spin-off commercialisation company. Economic benefits assessed using framework which incorporated conservation benefits of species preservation – including endangered species such as the Leathery Turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) & Rufous Hair Wallaby (Lagorchestes hirsutus).

  • Non-Recourse Financing in the Civil Aviation Sector  
  • Asian Development Bank Technical Assistance
    Project Financial Analyst
    07/99 - 08/99

    Financial analysis of international airport development project in SE Asia for Asian Development Bank. Airport cash flow model developed for airside and terminal businesses. P&L and balance sheets prepared for privatisation (BOT) and joint venture options based upon selected project finance, debt, equity and air-traffic scenarios (Pacific Consultants International – Asia).

  • Appraisal of Australian Sheep Industry Development Projects 
  • Airplan Pty Limited
    Financial Analyst

    Preliminary financial analysis of terminal development options for international Pacific-rim airport. Cash flow model developed for terminal business. Project feasibility (NPV, IRRs) of selected capital works programs assessed using differing passenger levy and retail revenue scenarios