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Ross McLeod Joins the Australian Digital Health Agency
Ross McLeod Joins the UNITAID Proposal Review Committee
eSYS Engaged to Evaluate the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) Crop-Livestock Systems (CLCA) Project
eSYS Engaged to Evaluate the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) “Strengthening Knowledge Management for Greater Development Effectiveness in the Near East, North Africa, Central Asia and Europe” Project
Ross McLeod Joins the Global Fund to Fights AIDS, TB and Malaria’s Technical Review Panel
eSYS Engaged to Calculate the Resource Needs to Tackle Neglected Tropical Diseases in Asia
eSYS Engaged to Undertake a Financial Management Assessment for ADB’s Pacific Regional Vaccine Strengthening Project with the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, in Melbourne
eSYS Engaged to Undertake Loan Preparations for ADB’s Vietnam Local Health Care Sector Development Program
Ross McLeod Joins Macquarie University’s Centre for the Health Economy as a Senior Research Fellow
Ross McLeod Engaged to Examine the Cost-Effectiveness of the World Health Organization’s South Asia Region Tuberculosis Strategy
eSYS Development Engaged to Estimate the Costs of Australian Food and Wine fraud in Asia
Ross McLeod Engaged by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) as a Market Access and Health Economics Advisor
Ross McLeod Joins the University of Sydney’s Human Research Ethics Committee
eSYS Development in Association with Murawin and the Human Capital Alliance Engaged to Undertake a Review of NSW’s Aboriginal Maternal and Infant Health Service
Midterm Review of the Papua New Guinea: Rural Primary Health Services Delivery Project
eSYS Development Engaged by the International Livestock Research Institute to Assess the Economic Impact of the Proposed Agri-Food Systems CGIAR Research Program
Review of Deflators and Capital Accounting in the Health Expenditure Australian Series
Triple Line Costs of Invasive Pests in NSW and Australia
Health Human Resources Sector Development Program in Viet Nam
Evaluation of the CGIAR Research Program on Dryland Systems
Country partnership strategy 2016 – 2020 for Viet Nam
Strengthening of Preventive Health Services in Vietnam
Review of Papua New Guinea Country Strategy for the Asian Development Bank
HTA Economic Approach for Assessing Hypofractionated Radiotherapy
Undertake Pre-Assessments of 2014 GAVI Health System Strengthening (HSS) Country Applications
Asia-Pacific Leaders Alliance to Combat Malaria Financing Taskforce
Evaluation of the Pacific HIV and STI Response Fund
Health Impact Assessment (HIA) Development for the Asian Development Bank
Mid-term Review of the Pacific Statistics Strategy
Indonesia Decentralized Health Services Project Evaluation
Ross McLeod part of evaluation team for 2012 review of Global Fund
HIV/AIDS Prevention Among Youth in the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam
Ross McLeod joins the GAVI Independent Review Committee

Capacity Building for HIV/AIDS Prevention in Lao and Vietnam

Value for Money Analysis of AusAid's new ...
Australian Illicit Drug Budgets
Cost Analysis of Western Sydney Needle and Syringe Program
Ross McLeod Visiting Fellow at Oxford University
Evaluation of Asian Development Bank Rural Health Project
Evaluation of Asian Development Bank Health Care ...
Financial Analysis of the FMD ...
Independent Evaluation of AusAid's Tibet ...
Economics of Counterfeit ...
The First Regional National ...
Open for Business in Vietnam
Monitoring the Response ...
Health Insurance Development in the Philippines

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Developing countries need to provide health care services to burgeoning populations, but face financial constraints on their publicly funded health programs. Reform is required to implement structural and institutional reform programs to improve health delivery. eSYS has focused on the development of financing and strategy options for health systems, including economic and institutional analysis and service delivery performance assessment. Services include:

Financing and economic analysis of vaccination programs to immunize children against communicable diseases

Economic and financial analysis of water and sanitation projects

Analyzing pricing strategies for therapies and cost drivers related to illness and disorders

Assessment of the determinants of health service utilization, health care costs and health insurance enrollments, and targeting of government subsidies.  

Assessing how international health policies performance can be measured and evaluated from the perceptive of primary-level health service providers and international donors

Participation in fact finding missions and health reviews

Costing of health care interventions and prevention strategies for tropical diseases

Assistance with the development of applications for Multinational Loans, GAVI financing and the Global Fund for fighting AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria; and

Cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit evaluation of international health projects to assist with priority setting and accountability

Clients include United Nations agencies, the Asian Development Bank, World Bank, European Union, Ministries of Health and private companies.

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