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The economic impact of selected livestock diseases in Africa, Asia and Australia.  


Economic Impact of Livestock Diseases

 The economic impact of livestock diseases such as Newcastle Disease, Marek's Disease, Gumboro Disease, Bluetongue, Footrot, internal parasites (sheep), Foot and Mouth Disease (pigs) and Hog Cholera have been estimated for selected countries in Asia, Africa and also Australia.



Stock Loss, Database

 Data on livestock productivity, disease incidence, livestock product prices, and disease control measures has been collected for village and commercial-based livestock production systems and included in the Stock Loss costing framework. All assumptions and data sources are specified in reports which are provided with consulting assignments.


Demonstration Version

 An Excel 7.0 (Microsoft Corp.) demonstration version of the database is available on request from eSYS Development. The demonstration spreadsheet illustrates the costing procedure and contains examples of internal parasite costs in sheep and Newcastle Disease in poultry. Contact Ross McLeod, rmcleod@esys.com.au for details.  



 Results are provided in tabular and graphical formats. Using charts, evaluation results can be demonstrated in a way that assists interpretation.




An example chart of poultry numbers in Africa.


Data Sources

 Summaries of the references used to describe livestock system productivity and disease impact assessment will soon be posted.



  System requirements

  Personal computer with a 486 or higher processor
  Microsoft Windows 95
  Microsoft Excel 7.0
  8MB of memory for Windows 95 or 16MB for Windows NT
  5MB of available disk space
  1 3.5" high density disk drive
  VGA (SGVA 256 colour monitor)
  Mouse or compatible pointing device

Reports available on CD