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Developing countries need to provide health care services to burgeoning populations, but face financial constraints on their publicly funded health program. Reform is required to implement structural and institutional reform programs to improve health care delivery. eSYS Development focuses on the development of financing and strategy options for health systems, including economic and institutional analysis and service delivery performance assessment. Esys Development's medical consulting services include:


Financial and economic analysis of vaccination programs to immunize children against communicable diseases 

Economic and financial analysis of water and sanitation projects

Analysis of pricing strategies for therapies and cost drivers related to illness and disorders .

Assessment of the determinants of health service utilization, health care costs and health insurance enrollments, and targeting of government subsidies. 


Assessment of how international health policies performance can be measured and evaluated from the perceptive of primary-level health service providers and international donors 

Participation in fact finding missions and health reviews 

Costing of health care interventions and prevention strategies for tropical diseases 

Assistance with the development of applications for Multinational Loans, GAVI financing and the Global Fund for fighting AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

Cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit analysis of international health projects to assist with priority setting and accountability.

Clients include United Nations agencies, the Asian Development Bank, World Bank, European Union, Ministries of Health and private companies.


The list of project experience can be found here