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The collection and analysis of market information is undertaken so industry profiles can be constructed, relevant market niches identified, strategies for product entry formulated and future needs of customers identified.


Examples of recent assigments include:

Appraisal of Wine Industry Product Development Projects
Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation Australia
 Market potential for current Australian wine industry techology transfer and new product development projects. Potential industry economic benefits analysed for various projects including: irrigation technology, disease management, improved bottling processes, enhanced wine flavour and improved yeasts & fermentation practices (in total, >50 projects analyzed). Changes in industry cost structures, vineyard plantings (primarily Shiraz, Chardonnay) forecast, along with reviewing project outcomes, project management, cash-flow modelling and report preparation. Results used to appropriately structure the portfolio (with the BDA Group).

Marketing Plan Development
Meat and Livestock Australia Pty Limited Australia
 Formulation of strategies in Australian domestic and foreign mutton markets to capture greater value for producers and processors. Study involved market segmentation/characterisation (consumption patterns, distribution channels, competition analysis), assessment of possible market entry strategies and appropriate nature of positioning (with Food Industry Strategies Pty Ltd).


Business Plan Development for Commercialisation of Animal Health Vaccines in Africa
International Livestock Research Institute Kenya, United Kingdom
 Business plan developed to assist with the commercialisation of animal health vaccines (East Coast fever & trypanosomiasis) in Africa. Cash flow model developed for vaccine production and distribution businesses and market potential analysed. Sensitivity analyses conducted for selected project finance, vaccine price and demand scenarios.


The list of project experience can be found here