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eSYS Development provides R & D advice for technology developers across a range of bio-science industries. Techniques such market analysis, economic evaluation, risk assessment, and workshops have been conducted to improve the flow of technology delivery, accelerate time to market, identify technology competitors, improve business and technology linkages and assess any future changes in competitive, technical and regulatory environments.



Cost analysis, cost effectiveness and cost-benefit techniques have been employed to gauge the economic benefits from pharmaceutical development.



Within the environmental field a range of differing projects which include projects relating to sustainable development the Great Barrier Reef, encroachment on rain forests and management of rivers and coastal fisheries have been undertaken.

Food and Fibre  

Market assessment, workshops, and economic evaluation techniques have been widely practised to assess the attractiveness of technologies relating to improved cattle feed efficiency, reduced bloat incidence in dairy cattle, improved intensive animal production and the feasibility of manufacturing and farm based technologies in the Australian sugar industry .


The list of project experience can be found here