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Version 1.0 - Economic Evaluation of International Agricultural and Fisheries Projects


In today’s climate of diminishing funding, cost-benefit analysis is being used to demonstrate the economic benefits of training, extension, institutional strengthening and research projects. To help non-economists develop funding proposals and assist administrators set priorities, eSYS has developed the Global software package.


Global, Excel 7.0 based Spreadsheet

 The software package has been developed using Microsoft Excel '97 and utilises standard operating features of this application.  


Major features of the Global package include: 


Graphical User Interface

 A Graphical User Interface guides Global users through the evaluation process. Each component of the evaluation process is illustrated on the interface and the user can systemically step through the evaluation process.  


Help System

 An advanced help system is shipped with the application and provides the user with functional and operational support.  


Evaluation Wizards

 To simplify the evaluation process, a number of evaluation wizards are contained in the Global evaluation package. Wizards assist in defining the demand and supply characteristics of complex market structure and calculating farmer benefits from project outcomes. A worksheet is also utilised to help define relevant parameters.  



 Results are provided in tabular and graphical formats. Using charts, evaluation results can be demonstrated in a way that assists interpretation.


Demonstration Version

 A demonstration of the software package, which contains an extension project example, is available on request from eSYS Development. Contact e-mail mail@esys.com.au



 Copies of the software can be supplied by eSYS Development clients to any third parties without fee. The software end user licence can be downloaded.


On-line Support

 All eSYS Development applications are supported using the eSYS support network. Soon, Frequently Asked Questions and the eSYS knowledge base can be queried to retrieve information about any difficulties that are encountered.



  System requirements

  Personal computer with a 486 or higher processor
  Microsoft Windows 95
  Microsoft Excel 7.0
  8MB of memory for Windows 95 or 16MB for Windows NT
  5MB of available disk space
  1 3.5" high density disk drive
  VGA (SGVA 256 colour monitor)
  Mouse or compatible pointing device